To Rent or To Buy? The Competition Dress Dilemma

To Rent or To Buy? The Competition Dress Dilemma

Should you rent or buy a dress for a professional dancing competition?

If you are not very experienced with dancing professionally as a competitor, you may be asking yourself if you should purchase or rent a dress for your special day...

We got all the details here just for you!

Ballroom Dresses For Rent

What kind of dresses?

For the most part, the type of dresses that are available for rent are Ballroom, Latin and Rhythm style dresses.

They are higher quality than everything else out on the market, super eye-catching, original and of course the price tag reflects all that. Many times, these are even designer dresses - known by name and recognized by other dancers and industry folk.

It's easy to say that these dresses are the best of the best.


Why rent?

The main reason is the price. When you are renting, you will be paying only a small percentage of the actual price of that dress. Some of these styles can range upwards of $14,000 for example - a hefty price tag for someone who is just starting out as a competition dancer. 

Plus, are you really going to wear it ever again? I mean, if you are completely in love with it then maybe, but for the most part competition dresses are only worn once because competitors love to switch up their look for each competition they participate in.

Why buy?

SM Dance Fashion carries specialized Ball room gowns, Latin dance dress and even Rhythm clothing, Dance skirts, leotards also known as bodysuits. Our costumes are hand selected from experienced competition dancer Maria Levina and curated by our lovely business owner and fashion stylist, Shirley Hans.

Where to find the outfits you need?

Our website has a great selection of Ballroom Gowns for rent

Search on google 'Dance store near me' and you will find local spots, and if you are local to Walnut, Southern California you will see our dance wear shop SM Dance Fashion store.

We do of course recommend you check out our styles here at SM Dance Fashion website first to see if one of our stunning ballroom dance dresses or latin music wear will be a great fit for your competition.

How do I rent one of your dresses?

We have the dresses that are available for rent in a separate category here. The listing price is the actual purchase price, so don't worry about that if you are looking to rent it instead.

Follow these steps to rent your next competition dress from us:

  1. Find your perfect dress 
  2. View the product and write down the product number
  3. Contact us on the product page or by sending us an email to 
  4. Get your contract from us
  5. Submit the rental fee payment + the 30% deposit
  6. Get your dress, try it on to make sure it's perfect
  7. Compete like a pro! (within 5 days)
  8. Return the dress after your show (within 5 days, let us know if you will need more than 5 days with the dress) No need to dry clean - it's included in the Rental Fee!
  9. Once we receive the dress back, we will credit you back the deposit amount

We also have this handy Frequently Asked Questions page specifically to help answer all your questions about this process.

The SM Dance Fashion Difference

What makes us unique is our VIP treatment we show our guests while they are shopping, giving expert fashion and dance wear advice from current professional competitive dancers.



- The SM Dance Fashion Team


SM Dance Fashion is a high-quality brand for dancing costumes, practice wear and competition dresses. Our shop in Walnut and online can give you tons of selection from where to choose your next outfit.


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