Everything You'll Need For Your Next Showcase

Everything You'll Need For Your Next Showcase

What You Will Need For Your Upcoming Showcase

The date is approaching and you're taking your practices seriously because pretty soon you'll be dancing in front of everyone showing your dancing talents.

Getting nervous? Don't be! When you prepare mentally and with the right stuff, you will feel more confident and will actually LOOK FORWARD to showing off your sweet skills.

What exactly is a Showcase?

A 'Showcase' in dancing is when you dance in front of an audience with a partner usually, or an instructor. You get a feel of what it's like to actually dance in front of a crowd like a true pro would.

Sound exciting? For many it is - but that excitement shortly follows with a dose of nervousness or maybe even anxiety if you are not sure what to expect.

You might even start to question whether you are ready for the spotlight. Don't let those thoughts and emotions stop you from seeing the beauty in showcasing the moves you have dedicated sweat, time and practice to for the last weeks! 

We wrote this little guide just for you - so you can prepare with the items or mentality you will need to bring to the dance floor.


What you will need for your show:

  1. Confidence - I know, 'how cliche' you might say - but really! Confidence is the first thing you have to wear to a show since your moves directly reflect how confident you are feeling. You can tell when someone is not comfortable or doesn't know what to do in their body language that comes across as stiff, slower to react, double-thinking, etc. Your audience will notice just by watching your posture and moves.
  2. The proper attire - You may be tempted to visit the mall or regular dress shops for your attire in the show. WE STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST THAT!
    Regular dresses are not made to put up with the amount of movement in dancing, are not comfortable enough and you can risk having a wardrobe mishap such as torn dress, over-showing during turns or simply won't do your dance justice by flowing with your movements like specially-designed dance wear. You can check out our shop here to see some great styles for your showcase.
    We make sure that our products are the highest quality on the market, meant to withstand all your turns, shakes and steps while complimenting your routine beautifully.

  3. Specialized footwear -  The ideal shoes to wear to the dance floor are not the regular shoe from any store, it's a specialized style of show with a suede sole instead of rubber. This allows the dancer the ability to glide on the dance floor without being too slippery where they'll risk a fall. However, these are not recommended to wear off the stage so you can look for certain 'practice' dance shoes.

  4. Body care products - Don't forget the deodorant! When we're stressed or nervous, we tend to sweat more and it's a more potent smell too. Since you will be up and close with your dancing partner, you might not want to skip out on the deodorant that day. Also a good body lotion will have your skin looking picture perfect! Try to avoid oil-based products, however so that your hands are not clammy and slippery during your show.

  5. Accessories - the extras are optional but they might make you feel a lot fancier. Products such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair broaches, artificial nails (but don't go too long - you wouldn't want to scratch your poor partner!) and nice-looking, glamorous eyelashes are great ways to accent your outfit. Any or all of these will increase your shine (and confidence) on the dance floor!
    Make sure you go for quality over looks, because you don't want to lose an earring and risk falling of course.


What do you think of our must-have list? Getting an idea of what you will need for the day and pre-planning your outfit will give you a peace of mind that everything will go just great on your special day.

We'd love to hear what other ideas of what is essential for a showcase you got! Comment below with anything we might of missed :) 

Have a good show!



The SM Dance Fashion Team

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