Dance Lessons for Beginners

Dance Lessons for Beginners

Are you ready for the first class?

Dance wear and Dancing Style are two main things to think about !!!

With this Sport Dancing whether you are pursuing ballet, jazz, tap, modern, ballroom, salsa, etc. here some interesting things to know. At S&M Dance Fashion, we can help you succeed in your dance training!

  • Definitely think about setting a clear goal: whether you are getting into dancing for fun or if it's your next career choice, but always give the best of you.


  • Open your mind and learn as much as you can; usually lessons do not take longer than an hour. So get ready to warm-up, learn routines and dance! It is important for you to know that sometimes in class there are dancers with more experience, but do not compare yourself to others. Letting others' skills intimidate you can take away the fun from your desire to dance and won't help you move forward confidently.


  • Deciding between group class or private lessons is also important because some dance classes could have from 10, up to 20 students in the dance room and you will be learning from only one teacher and if maybe you want to learn faster and don’t miss any steps, you could probably consider trying private dance lessons. For these lessons - you can learn with your partner to achieve better results in your dancing.


  • Making the correct selection of clothing will help you with all your movements and will allow you to see the results of every turn and shake. When you practice with clothing especially designed for dancers you will see how every step on the dance floor counts!

It is time to start. Get yourself ready. Don't forget you are already a winner for taking up something new and exciting. Your dance lessons are waiting for you!

Here at S&M Dance Fashion, we love to help dancers - pro or beginners. With over 20 years of first-hand experience as Professional Sport Dancers, we have uniquely curated and selected only the best quality dance wear you can trust on the dance floor.

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The S&M Dance Fashion Team


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