5 Things Dancers Can Do If They're Stuck Indoors

5 Things Dancers Can Do If They're Stuck Indoors

Here's 5 Things Dancers Can Do Indoors During The Current Coronavirus Stay at Home Orders

Are you one of the thousands stuck indoor for the next days, weeks, who-knows-how-long ?

Don't worry! As dancers we know you're just itching to get right back to it, but with all the events cancelling, studios closed, and routines shattered - it might be starting to get to you.

Here's 5 things you can do to kill the time and stay on it:

1.      Practice

Don’t let your skills down by going without practicing! You can always practice your next competition’s dance or your favorite routine without needing anything extra with you but your body and music. Doing something you love triggers happy emotions that will take a little bit of the edge off the stress.

2.      Work out

We know it’s usually hard to fit in an hour of exercise in your regular routine – but right now is the perfect time! With many needing to be isolated for the next 2 weeks, that means you can fit anything in your day you wish to. Sorry, no more excuses on this one…

3.      Organize dance supplies

When you’re getting through your day-to-day it’s easy to misplace things and end up with your dance things in different places. Take this down time to gather everything in one place or area in your house, room or closet and organize it in a way that inspires you to keep dancing through this odd time.

4.      Shop online for dance wear

Even after fitting all of the above in your new routine, you will undoubtedly still find yourself with extra time. For that – we recommend online shopping! It takes the edge off doing the same thing over and over with new outfit ideas, dresses to admire, and costumes for your future dance competitions you can save on your wishlist.
We got everything you need for Ballroom and Latin costumes, practice and competition dance wear right here on our online boutique.

5.      Watch dance videos

We gathered 2 boards for you to practice your dancing skills or learn new ones! Don’t let the time fly by without you taking advantage of it to learn something new or strengthen your talent in a certain dance style you already love. You can access our Practice Dance Styles Pinterest board here or our DIY Dance Routines board for cool videos you’ll love.


Do you like watching stuff to make the time pass by faster?

Come back to our website next week, because we’re planning on writing out a blog post with great dancing movie ideas!

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